Communing With the Campbells – Indie’s Accident

Henley Herald Indie Update from Anthony Campbell on Vimeo.

When we talk to people about our year away from the beautiful bubble that is Henley we frame our experience very much as a year of research. We want to investigate how smart, forward thinking groups of people around the world are living their lives. Whilst doing that it’s very important that we enjoy our journey and live our best lives. Otherwise what’s the point? We would be investigating a ‘better way’ without walking the walk. So this week we decided to head to the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula that runs alongside the Pacific Ocean here in Costa Rica. We are staying at a gorgeous hotel a few hundred metres from a staggeringly beautiful beach famous for it’s nesting turtles. It’s idyllic but that doesn’t protect you from an accident.

On Sunday whilst playing around the pool, our little 3 year old, Indie, had a very heavy statue, that was situated next to the pool fall on top of her crushing her beneath. It was a heart in mouth moment for all of us. Luckily Katie was on the scene within seconds and managed to lift the offending lump off our daughter but the damage was done. As parents you immediately fear the worse, especially when there’s copious amount of blood and tears and there’s a head injury involved. Luckily the damage, whilst visually rather alarming, seemed to be superficial. We followed all the head injury protocols and I’m happy to report that 3 days after the initial incident everything seems to be fine.

So I’m sorry that I’m not writing about our learnings from the Nicoya Peninsula this week but all our attention has been diverted to the health and well being of our third daughter. I’m sure every parent reading this can relate to that. Incidentally the Nicoya Peninsula was a very deliberate choice in terms of a destination to visit because it’s one of five regions around the world called a Blue Zone. These zones are places where life expectancy way outstrips the standard global average. They are Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, California. I’m hoping that we might still be able to gain some insights on that front during our final couple of days here but perhaps not with quite the same depth as originally planned.

We head back to La Ecovilla on Friday where we have another month in residency. There’s so much more to learn from the people and the place there. Look forward to sharing more of our journey with you next week.