Music Video Made for Mayor’s Christmas Song in aid of Her Charities

Henley Mayor’s, Henley on Christmas song she co-wrote last year with Peter Maguire has had a music video produced by Richard Pinches from Meadows Farm Studios and sung by HOT Stuff band featuring the Mayor, Councillor Kellie Hinton and Marcus Richardson a good friend of the Mayor’s.

Could it be the Christmas Number 1, beating Ed Sheeran and Elton John’s Merry Christmas or LadBaby’s Sausage Rolls for Everyone? Comedian Omid Djalili (a friend of Pete Maguire’s) has tweeted the video to his 305K followers and Mike Read has also commented on it so you never know!

Henley Mayor, Councillor Sarah Millers said, “Pete and I had been discussing a video but when Matt suggested we do it sooner rather than later, and Richard Pinches offered to do it free, we jumped at the opportunity. We would LOVE it to go viral. Right now its about raising funds for my charities (Royal British Legion and Regatta for Disabled). But also to promote the song.  We are keen to release it soon – we just need to upload to Spotify.  I’ve known Marcus for many years and he wrote a poem called the ‘Beer Monkey’ that he recites over and over again.  It’s a great poem.  He’s a lovely chap who loves a Stella or two!  I’m pleased he agreed to be in the video.”

Richard Pinches said, “The hardest thing was the weather, it was cold and wet.  I started to drone as the first town hall scene but when the rain came down I had to land it and didn’t use it for the rest of the shoot.  Filming location choices was a bit of a collaboration, mainly between me and Peter with the town hall being already chosen and the Row Barge pub to finish on.”

HOT Stuff Lead singer, Matt Richardson said, “It was a fun morning. The locations were a joint effort and, after the first shot at the Town Hall steps, were a bit “make it up as we go along” partly because the weather was so wet.  I agreed to record the song because as soon as I heard it I liked it. The chorus in particular is very catchy and fun to sing. It’s a song about Christmas in Henley but the sentiment is universal and applies to everyone. It was an honour to be asked!”

“My favourite bit of doing the video was walking across the road outside Friar Park. In order to emphasise the Beatle connection in a humorous way I volunteered to go barefoot as Paul McCartney does on the cover of Abbey Road. Although I play rhythm guitar, not bass, I am left-handed so it seemed to be the right thing to do, i.e. nobody else fancied it!”