Vandals Smash Car Parked at Mill Meadows With Heavy Cones

A blue mini was extensively damaged by vandals overnight last Thursday (16 December) whilst parked in Mill Meadows car park.

The vehicle’s owner, Caroline Kaye, has a permit to park overnight in the car park from the Council and has parked there for 3 1/2 years as they only have one space outside their home.

The crime was captured on CCTV with the vandals using the heavy cones that are being used by the Adventure Golf Course contractors to cordon off their container in the car park to smash the windscreen several times, dent the roof, bonnet and front wings.  They left one of the cones on the bonnet.

The 2016 vehicle was taken away on a transporter on Friday to be assessed by the insurers.

Caroline’s husband, Simon said, “We’re waiting to have it assessed by the insurers, but it is not an easy time of year.  I’m in the motor trade and I think it is 50/50 as to whether they will write the car off.  Caroline is an architect and it has stopped her working this week.”

The crime was reported to Thames Valley Police who initially said “these things happen and there wouldn’t be enough evidence.” He then informed them that the whole of the car park was covered by CCTV and South Oxfordshire District Council then passed the recording to the police.  Simon commented, “After seeing the CCTV footage TVP responded by saying that there was “not enough evidence for a realistic proposition of conviction.”

Frustrated by the lack of police action, Simon then posted the details on the Facebook Henley Community Matters group and Caroline was then contacted by the local Henley Neighbourhood police who have picked up the case and are now investigating the crime further.

If you witnessed or have any information about this crime, please call the police on 101 and quote the crime reference number 43210568266.