Carol Singers Bring Festive Joy to Those Staying at Home to Keep Safe

Resident and member of the Henley Mutual Aid core team, Emma Taylor decided to organise some community carol singing on two nights in December for those people who might not be able or want to go out and about to a Christmas organised event.

Emma led a small choir who visited Acacia Lodge, Henley Manor Care home, Western Close, Vicarage Road and St Mary’s Alms houses and Hanover House.  They sang a number of different carols including Silent Night and Hark the Herald.

Emma said, “Because of my experience being part of the core team of Henley Mutual Aid, and of helping neighbours during lockdown, I knew many people would be choosing to stay in to keep safe and I wanted to find a way to bring festive joy to them and help them feel connected. I was thrilled with the response from local residents getting involved and joining the choir, and with the response from the places I offered to go and sing at.  On both evenings it was really special to see residents enjoying the carols and dancing or singing along. I’ve had some lovely positive comments and we all had such a nice time singing for everyone.  During lockdown we rediscovered how special Henley’s community spirit is and this was a way of showing that at Christmas. We are already thinking about doing it again next year, maybe bigger and better.”

Emma Hoddinott, one of the carol singers added, “I’ve come over from Australia to stay with my Mum for a few months and I’m here with my brother.  In Australia we don’t have carol singers because it is hot at Christmas so I thought it would be a nice thing to do.”