Communing With the Campbells Christmas

Christmas Highlights Henley Herald from Anthony Campbell on Vimeo.

After a beautiful week on the Nicoya Peninsula it’s been wonderful coming back to La Ecovilla to continue our research and investigation into communal living. We have moved into a different house, one that is infinitely more modern than the bamboo construction we were in before. It’s all mod cons with climactic control and all the little creature comforts that many of us are accustomed to. La Ecovilla and this new house provided us with a lovely setting for our Christmas celebrations. It was of course a very different kind of Christmas for us, away from family and loved ones, but we fully embraced everything that this incredible environment had to offer, and most importantly Father Christmas managed to find us!

We are here at La Ecovilla until the 17 January and we then fly to Los Angeles where we continue our adventure with a road trip up the West Coat via lots of different eco villages and Intentional Living communities. We are currently reaching out to many of those communities and planning that stage of the trip. It’s a difficult balance between living in the present and focusing on the next stage.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2022 and really hoping that the dreaded Covid hasn’t interrupted too many of your plans. Look forward to updating you next week and let us know how you’re enjoying theses updates in the comments below!