Star Quali-tree Service Raises Money for Henley in Bloom

On a damp and rainy morning on Saturday, many residents braved the weather to bring their Christmas trees for shredding at the Henley in Bloom annual service at Mill Meadows.  The service raised £735 this year.

The Town Council’s composter made easy work of shredding even the biggest trees, some over 10ft with big trunks.  The shredding matter will be used around town in landscaping by Park Services.  Residents were asked for a donation of £2 which goes towards Henley in Bloom projects in the town.  Chair of Henley in Bloom, Councillor Dave Eggleton also offered a collection tree service for £5.

Paul from Henley who bought his large tree said, “We saw it being advertised and we thought we would take advantage of the service that was being offered.  It’s also great that all the profits from the shredding are going to Henley in Bloom.”

Karl Bishop, Henley Town Council’s Parks Manager said, “This couldn’t be possible without Dave’s help.  He’s done a brilliant job, in his own time, collecting people’s trees.  Year after year, more and more people are using the service.  The first year was very small (2016) and every year it has got better and better.  Last year was record breaking because of the SODC garden waste service wasn’t operating so we got more trees.  We will be interested to see what the outcome is this year.”

Dave Eggleton said, “I collected over 100 trees from in and around Henley last week.  The money we raise goes to fund school gardening projects, Garden Buddie initiatives around the town and last year we gave money to improve the plants and landscaping on Red Lion Lawn.  Thank you for everyone for giving their trees and the donations.  Wishing everyone a happy and safe new year from all of us at Henley in Bloom.”