Council Recommends Budget for Improvements to Parks & Car Parks

At the Town Council’s Recreation & Amenities committee last night, Councillors recommended approval of budgets to make improvements to Mill Meadows, Makins Recreation Ground and Freeman Meadows parks and car parks.

A budget of £7,300 was approved to repair older pieces of equipment at Makins and Freemans, buy new swings and repair the wetpour surfacing at Mill Meadows.  Parks Manager, Karl Bishop confirmed that the new swings would be fitted by the end of January.

A new metal, 1.2m tall, bow top fencing and a self-closing pedestrian gate will be installed at the Fairmile entrance to Freemans Meadows. The fence has been proposed to make the park more secure and would lower the risk of children or dogs running on to the road which could cause injury and/or an accident. The Friends of Freemans, which is made up of users of the Meadows, fully support the proposal, and feel it would reduce the safety concerns of parents and dog owners. The fence would be positioned behind the bench at the entrance which is often used by people waiting at the nearby bus stop.

The car park ticket machines at Mill Meadows are to be made simpler to reduce the time people spend at them and reduce the queuing at busy times.

Two of the CCTV cameras will be replaced with new ones at Mill Meadows.  The budget for this has been reallocated from a Red Lion Lawn CCTV reserve that was allocated a number of years ago and was not used.