Disgusting Public Toilets Finally Being Refurbished

The disgusting public toilets in Greys Road car park are finally being refurbished after South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) delaying the work for nearly a year.

The work originally was to begin in the first quarter of 2021 in time for last year’s summer tourist season.  SODC originally earmarked the funding in 2013!

The new toilets costing £145K will have a changing room, three separate unisex toilets, a welfare room for car park inspectors and a storage area for equipment such as signs and barriers for use within the car park.  The notice on the toilets said that the work will take around eight weeks to complete (early March).

The Henley Society has campaigned long and hard to bring about a refurbishment with added pressure from District Councillors Ken Arlett and Stefan Gawrysiak.

Geoff Luckett, Chair of The Henley Society said, “Together with two Town Councillors (Ken and Stefan) the Henley Society actively lobbied SODC to improve the public lavatories in the Greys Road car park which have been a poor reflection on us for too long. It has taken a long while, but we are now pleased to see that, belatedly, work has begun and we can now look forward to having public toilets more fitting to the town.  I am sure that townspeople and visitors alike will be more likely to use these facilities following the improvements which should be open in a few short weeks.”


  1. Christine Brown says:

    Waitrose toilets are in a far worse state and should have been priority they are a health hazard, I do not agree with unisex toilets and would prefer to have male & female ones.

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