Town Council Proposes Pricing for Electric Vehicle Charging Points at Mill Meadows

The Town Council’s Recreation & Amenities Committee this week agreed to charges and parking conditions for four ‘fast’ electric vehicle charging bays that will be installed at Mill Meadows car park near the Leichlingen Pavilion in 2022.

The Council has signed a contract with Joju and Mer for the installation, operation and maintenance. They are ‘fast’ (medium speed, 22kW charge points) which charge a typical vehicle from empty to 80% charged in 4-6 hours.

The R&A Committee recommended the proposal that drivers would be limited to 4 hours parking in the electric vehicle bays and in addition to the electricity charge they would need to pay the normal parking fees at Mill Meadows by purchasing a pay and display ticket from the machines.  The Council will not charge for parking in electric vehicle charging bays overnight to encourage their use by drivers without home charging.  A typical cost to the driver to fully charge would be £10, compared to £5 to charge at home.

All the parking fees, and 10% of electricity supply costs (a usage rebate of 10% of 13p per kWh), are retained by the Council. The contractor, who fully funds the installation, operation and maintenance of the charge points, will retain the remainder of the electricity fee. The charging fee for drivers will be 25p per kWh.  The Council’s electricity usage rebate is projected to be a total of about £94 in year one.

South Oxfordshire District Council have also announced they will be installing EV charging bays in Kings Road and Greys Road car parks as part of the Oxfordshire Park and Charge programme.