Henley Hawks Premier Team Victorious

On Monday (24 January) Henley Hawks played a brilliant match against Mavericks in the Premier Division.

The Hawks started off strong with Emma Payne (GK) and Lydia Johnston (GD) working well together. The defensive duo marked the opposition close and prevented scoring opportunities with great interceptions; only letting in 6 goals in the first quarter.

This momentum continued into the second quarter. The Hawks worked the ball well down court and maintained the lead. The score now 18 – 12 to The Hawks at half time.

The Hawks confidence grew through out the match. Chanti Stubbs (GS) and Katie Bayfield (GA) used their height to their advantage and scored some impressive goals, furthering the lead by another 11 goals going into the final quarter.

The centre court players Judy Goforth (C), Sammy Coff (WA) and Clare McCarthy (WD) worked beautifully together through out the match creating great space and continually moving to work the ball back into the scoring D. Even though the Mavericks valiantly fought back in the fourth quarter, The Hawks held strong for the victory.

The final score 36 – 31 to The Hawks.