The Relais Henley Launches Exclusive Members Club with Hundred Hills Wine Tasting

The Relais Henley has launched The Salon, a new private club for members with a space to work, network, and socialise. The club will give members exclusive use of the Palm Court during weekdays, along with access to a programme of breakfast and evening events. The Salon launched last Wednesday evening (26 January) with an exclusive wine tasting with the local vineyard, Hundred Hills.

The idea for The Salon came to the hotel’s co-owner and Managing Director, Grace Leo, as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns. She explained, “A lot of people were obliged to work from home during the lockdown periods, and I know that when I was cooped up in London in my apartment, there were times I just wanted to go somewhere and see people again and talk, or just have a coffee. That gave me the idea to use this space in such a way that those of you who are working in your beautiful homes in Henley can come here and run away from the spouse, run away from the kids, run away from the dog, and just come in here for peace and quiet and to be able to concentrate.”

The Palm Court will be reserved for members of the hotel from Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm), allowing them the peace and privacy to work, or meet for coffee with friends. Members will also be able to attend a variety of events that are planned for The Salon, from networking breakfasts to more convivial evening experiences. The events will include guest speakers such as authors or business owners.

Wednesday’s launch event gave the lucky guests a chance to sample four sparkling wines from the Stonor-based vineyard, Hundred Hills. The founders of Hundred Hills, Stephen and Fiona Duckett, told the story of how their vineyard came to be (a three year search for the perfect location before they finally found the Stonor Valley) whilst their attentive audience sampled their creations. Fiona said of The Salon’s first event, “It’s a very exciting moment. It’s wonderful to see The Relais full of people and really coming to life in its splendour. We’ve come and watched it evolve over the last few months but it’s wonderful to see it buzzing and full of people.”

Grace Leo said about the launch, “I am thrilled. It’s very exciting to finally put into action a concept that I’ve had even before having purchased the hotel. When the decor was finished for the interiors of the Palm Court, I just realised that there is something there. I think everyone that comes in here to the space, it’s unanimous that they feel very warm and they feel cosy and intimate in it.”

She continued, “So far the response has been very positive. This whole group has demonstrated an interest. Of course, the result is who many people sign up, and I’m certainly hopeful that a few of them will. We’re looking forward to starting that whole programme of speakers and engagements.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Relais Henley, and gaining access to The Salon, contact the team on 01491 523288 or email