HGV Weight Restriction Decision to Be Reviewed By County Council

The decision to revoke Burford’s Experimental Traffic Restriction Order (ETRO) made by Councillor Enright (OCC’s Cabinet Member for Travel & Development Strategy) under delegated powers will now be referred to the full Council after the OCC’s Scrutiny Committee debated the process this week.  Henley’s County Councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak along with 13 other Councillors called in the decision as there was a serious omission of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) data in the Burford Officer’s report.

Councillor Gawrysiak is supporting the campaign to get an ETRO for Henley which has been stalled by OCC over the last few months.  He said at the Town Council’s Transport Strategy Meeting last week he will try to get the decision overturned so the weight limit for Burford stands. “I will be as forceful as I possibly can.”  The Burford decision could have implications on Henley getting an ETRO to stop HGVS cutting through the town.

Other points raised on the process were that the decision was pre-determined and that no recognition was made to any of the speakers at the Travel & Development Strategy meeting, Councillor Enright had a vested interest as he is a Councillor for nearby Witney and there were misrepresentations and claims through social media by a Councillor.

At the Scrutiny meeting  Stefan said, “This decision should be referred to cabinet or the full council. The scrutiny committee is here to scrutinise and I believe that this decision was unsound. This council committed to three traffic data studies, the last one was the automatic number plate recognition study in October 2021. How can a council organise three data studies and then ignore one of them? We agreed to three studies and one of the three studies has been ignored. This decision should be reconsidered.”

The voted was tied after the debate. Chair of the Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Ian Snowdon used his casting vote for the Burford decision to be reviewed by the full Council cabinet.