Alice Enjoys Afternoon Tea With the Mayor

The Mayor’s Christmas card competition winner, Alice Vernon enjoyed the second part of her prize of afternoon tea with the Mayor, Councillor Sarah Miller in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Town Hall yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

Alice, aged 8 was joined by her sisters, Charlotte (6) and Lucy (4) and her Dad to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea of sandwiches, crisps, cakes and biscuits provided by local supplier, Atticus and Hope.  Also joining the party was Henley Mayor’s partner, Carolyn and their twin daughters Vivien and Ruby.

The first part of Alice’s prize was to switch on the big Christmas tree lights on in Market Place on the Christmas festival night.  Alice said, “This is the best part of the prize and my favourite part has been eating the cakes.  We’ve been talking about half term and my new cat Anubis.

Sarah said, “We’ve had a really nice afternoon.  They’ve been doing some drawing on canvases before tea.  It’s been lovely to see Alice again and nice to have her family here and spend some time with her as last time I met her to switch on the lights it was very busy in the Parlour.”  Sarah gave Alice a sketchbook to do some more drawing in when she’s out and about.

Asked which part of the Town Hall Alice likes the best.  Alice replied “I like the Council Chamber room as I like the big table and chairs.”  We suggested that perhaps her Dad should bring her to watch a Council Meeting in the Council Chamber.  Asked what she would like to change in Henley?  Alice wasn’t sure but she did tell our Editor that she liked the sound of the Henley Lido as she likes swimming.  Our Editor, Michaela said, “Next time I coming to talk about the project, perhaps you can come with me to give your support.”

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