Local Detective Returns to TV in Celebrity Hunted

Local detective, George Bradley is returning to our TV screens next week, this time in Celebrity Hunted on Channel 4 in aid of Stand Up for Cancer.

George has previously featured in two series of Sky One’s, The Heist where nine citizens attempt to pull off a £1m robbery, split the money and not get caught.

In Celebrity Hunted, eight famous faces including British 400m record holder, Iwan Thomas with his fugitive partner paralympian Richard Whitehead, Made in Chelsea couple, Ollie and Gareth Locke-Locke and The Vivienne the first winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race in 2019 need to survive 14 days on the run from police hunters.

George is first seen in episode 2 with her on-screen hunter partner, Paul Cashmore one of the original Hunters from the first series.

George said, “The production company, Shine TV are the same for both shows (The Heist and Hunted) who are a really cool, young and dynamic.  The producer rang me in March last year and asked if I would like to do the main Hunted series first.  I didn’t have to audition as they know I can turn on a quite scary intimating interviewing technique.  They liked that part of me in The Heist.  I was really thrilled when I was asked because everybody wants to be on the show.”

You first see George in the second episode, interviewing Kerry Kantona at her home in Alderley Edge.  George said, “She gave us a run around as we thought she was helping two of the celebrities.  She was really great fun and we were with her for a few hours but she got us going on a merry-go-round.  I thoroughly interrogated her.  It’s a shame you don’t see all of it!” In a later episode George also gets to interview Coleen Nolan.

The filming last September was quite intense.  George explains, “You have a bodycam and if you’re the driver you also have a Gopro camera on you and also when you’re in the car you have the producer and director in the back seat.  When they think you’ve got a strong lead, they then switch on the bodycam which buzzes to show the police team based at HQ the feed.  As well as thinking about what you’re doing and saying you need to be physically fit as there’s a lot of running involved.”

Talking about being partnered with Paul Cashmore.  George comments, “I was really pleased to have been partnered with him.  He’s really clever, smart, very telly savy, a proper charmer and just a lovely guy.  I learned a lot from him on the job.” George and Paul took it turn to drive.  George said, “I did though get in to trouble one day when we were filming on a beach in North Wales for driving too fast!”

Who were George’s favourite fugitives? George replied, “Definitely Made in Chelsea couple Ollie and Gareth as I’m a big fan anyway but they just made me laugh as I don’t think they took it seriously, they just end up staying with friends in big houses and drinking lots of champagne!”

The buzz of getting close to the fugitives was the best part for George.  She said, “You get all psyched up when you’re close. You never know whether it is decoy or you’ve missed them.  We had a couple of near misses which was very exciting.”

George went on to film the regular Hunted series in October which will be shown later this year.

The whole team on the show are an elite group of ex police and military personnel.  George said, “I am working with a group of high ranking current and former police officers. The new Chief is currently serving Assistant Chief Constable.  It was the toughest interview of my life and I had to get clearance to do it from the Head of Professional Standards. It’s amazing to be on a show which has previously won a BAFTA. I’ve been asked back already to do the next regular series which is massive confidence boost and I managed to hold my own.”


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