Saracen’s Head Pub Stars in Sky TV Advert

The Saracen’s Head on Greys Road is featured on a new Sky TV advert which was released this week after the pub won a competition to win a TV advert last year.

The filming took place in November and features landlady Mel Roberson and some of the regulars including Jake Kemp, Richard and Laura Andrews, Carly Belcher and Hugh Barklem as well as some actors.

When Jake Kemp heard that the pub had won the competition, he decided to book the day off work with his film production company to see how another company works.  A few weeks later though, Jake’s Henley based company, The Creative was commissioned to do the work after the Sky producer contacted Marco Barcella who they knew who runs The Creative.  Jake though managed to still star in the show as well as working behind the camera.

The filming took most of the day to film, with the inside shots being filmed first before the pub opened at 3pm.  Landlady Mel Roberson comments, “I had no idea what was going to happen, but the day was so good and the experience was amazing. Marco and his team were really good at working round us once the pub opened.”

Marco said, “We got the brief from Sky and then did a recce and put together a shot list.  It was such a refreshing experience for me personally as Mel and her regulars were so welcoming and accommodating. In 99% of pubs you wouldn’t get that atmosphere.  It was lovely to go the pub for the first time after living in Henley for many years. Like many people you keep going to the same places.  We normally do the whole job from start to finish but this time we sent the footage off to Sky to do the final edit.  They have done really nice job.  The important thing is it really does justice to the pub and I hope from it the pub will get some great exposure.  I think it’s great for Mel and Colin.”

Carly who also stars in the advert said, “I love the Saracens and Mel and Colin and thought it would be really fun to be in the advert.  The film team were really nice and fun it was a cold day but it was worth it. I really love the finished advert as it really shows off the pub and exactly what it’s all about. It’s a truly deserved testament to the great pub they have built up.”

Seeing the finished advert Mel exclaimed, “I thought it was amazing, a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  It captures the whole pub, touching on everything; all the sports including the boules pitch. I shared it on my personal Facebook on Monday evening and when I went to bed it had over 1000 views.  I’ve been told people have seen it on lots of Sky Channels, Channel 4 and 5 but I haven’t seen it on the TV yet. We’re over the moon with it”

Emma Sweet, Marketing Manager at Brakespear said, “Mel and Colin have put so much effort into making the Saracen’s Head the perfect pub to watch live sport, they’re very worthy winners of this advert. The large screen outside were a huge hit over the summer too. The advert really shows the Saracen’s as the friendly pub we all know it is.”