Hobbs Submit Planning Application for Accessible Walkway to Moorings

Hobbs of Henley have submitted a planning application to provide an accessible walkway for people with mobility issues to get access to their moorings next to Red Lion Lawn on Thameside.

The proposal will provide a purpose built, safe accessible mooring with guard rails creating opportunities for all members of the community to access river activities. This will be on the site of existing moorings and therefore there will be no increase in the number of boats moored on the river. The mooring itself will be a floating pontoon and will go up or down with changes in the water level. The access way will be on stilts, and a pivoted ramp will allow level access to the floating pontoon. There will be no areas of hardstanding created.

Henley Town Council’s Planning Committee reviewed the amended plans that were submitted last week which included a flood risk assessment report. The Committee recommend refusal again as per their comments in August 2021 on the grounds of being out of character with the area, having an adverse impact on the adjacent moorings and associated traffic. The Committee feel that a disabled ramp in this location is not necessary, there is already adequate provision nearby and there is no nearby parking available for potential users of the access arriving by car.  In addition they said there would be visual impact of the development.

The Environmental Agency has commented, ” As the navigation authority we object to these proposed plans as they would cause a navigation hazard being so close to Henley bridge. We have previously refused permission for permanent moorings in this location for precisely the same reason.”

The Henley Society were not against the planning application but commented, “No objection provided that the new fencing is of painted metal to match the existing.”

Jonathan Hobbs of Hobbs of Henley declined to comment on the application when he was asked.

The application will be reviewed by South Oxfordshire District Council and the consultation ends today (8 February) for the public to comment on.