Planning Application to Build Dwelling on Land Next to Footpath

A planning application to build a 3 bedroom chalet style bungalow on a parcel of land adjacent to 5 St Annes Close, accessed from Old Greys Lane (Waterworks Lane) has been submitted.  The plot runs alongside a well used footpath which connects Deanfield Road to Deanfield Avenue.

Henley Town Council Planning Committee last week recommend refusal on the grounds that this development would be overdevelopment of the site and would have an adverse impact on the neighbouring properties. The Committee are concerned over the lack of landscaping proposed and habitat loss. The safety of the proposed access and the impact on the right of way running through the site.

The Henley Society have commented, “This plot appears unsuitable for a residential property – it is very narrow and close to a steep hillside.”

John Case, Footpath Officer for Henley and Goring Ramblers said, “Should permission to build be approved, we would like to be assured that both during the construction of the new house and subsequently there will be no obstruction caused to users of Henley Footpath 6 (245/6) or at the bottom of the steps down the bank from Greys Road. Most of the footpath alongside the development will be newly reduced to 1.8 metres in width and, in addition, will have a car turning area laid over it at the intersection where the steps descend from Greys Road. These are busy and popular footpaths paths for workers, shoppers, students and schoolchildren and vehicle manoeuvring or parking on the footpath will create a significantly increased degree of risk. We would urge the Council to build in suitable clauses to any development approval so that safety signage is in place and obstructions do not occur.”

The application will now be reviewed by SODC.  For details go to