Help Bramble Get Life Saving Surgery

The owners of Bramble a white rescue lurcher, Christie-Luke Jones and Ailsa Clare need to raise £7,000 to save Bramble’s life after she was recently diagnosed with aggressive cancer in her right-hind leg.

Christie-Luke and Ailsa got Bramble in 2019 from Four Paws Animal Rescue in South Wales and they think she is around 6/7 years old.

Ailsa said, “Bramble is our first dog.  My Mum got a greyhound from Dog’s Trust.  It’s so rewarding to re-home a dog in need and we started looking and found Bramble on the charity’s website.  We chose her because she was so unique looking.  She’s completely white with long hair and she has one blue and one brown eye.”

Christie-Luke said, “We first noticed a lump on her right-back leg in December last year and we took her to Active Vets Care (our vets) in Sonning Common and they referred us to their branch in Caversham.  They then referred us to the oncology team at The Ralph in Marlow.  We were devastated when we got told the news that Bramble had got an aggressive cancer and only had a few months left to live.  However following a CT scan the cancer is only showing in Bramble’s leg and she can be saved with amputation of her leg and a course of chemotherapy.  The relief on hearing this news was unbelievable but then there was a realisation of the cost which we knew couldn’t be covered by the insurance as we had already maxed out on this with all the biopsy, scans etc.”

Ailsa added, “We’ve been given a second chance, going from completely hopeless to something we can do.  Bramble had a tough early life and she deserves to live to old age.  We’ve raised nearly £3,000 already in 5 days including donations from The Argyll Pub and Henley Larder and we hope to get to the target so that we have many more happy years to come with our cheeky, energetic, loving girl.”

If you would like to help Christie-Luke and Ailsa you can donate via