Henley Rotary Webinar – How has COVID impacted democracy across the world?

The world is becoming more authoritarian with more governments restricting free speech and weakening the rule of law. COVID has exacerbated the trend.

Just how much impact the pandemic has had on elections and freedoms will be among the topics addressed at the Rotary Club of Henley-on-Thames’ next public webinar, which will be held on Tuesday 15 Feb at 6.30pm.

Dr Alexander Hudson, Democracy Assessment Specialist at Sweden-based International IDEA, a group that tracks trends in democracy, will speak on his group’s latest “Global State of Democracy Report”.

One finding: the number of countries moving in the direction of authoritarianism is three times that moving towards democracy.

The Rotary Club invites you to join us for this crucial discussion of the world in which we live.

It’s free and open to all. Sign up to attend at:  https://coviddemocracy.eventbrite.co.uk

For further information, contact: jeremy.gaunt@gmail.com