Two Recently Renovated Almshouses Are Now Available

The historic almshouses in St. Mary’s Churchyard, are part of the character of the town. In the shadow of the ‘town church’ they were built to help disadvantaged local people. Today they are administered by the Henley Municipal Charities and continue to provide accommodation to those most in need.

The cosy character of these listed cottages remains, but inside they have been completely re-fitted with new kitchens, shower rooms and two reception rooms. Suitable only for single occupancy, these one bedroom houses provide homes for local people who are able to live independently in their home town.

Present and previous occupants include those who have formerly lived in tied accommodation, park homes and who have, through no fault of their own, fallen into
difficulty as a result of health or other problems.

Due to the historic almshouse charter, applicants must currently live in Henley-on-Thames, Rotherfield Greys or Bix and be able to demonstrate a strong local
connection to the town.

Careful thought is given to find suitable residents, for whom Henley Municipal Charities offer a home to those most in need. Residents are required to observe the terms of the licence to occupy agreement and meet the financial criteria at all times. Should they fail to do so while occupying an almshouse they will be required to leave.

Anyone who feels they may be suitable for an almshouse is invited to email with brief details and an application will be considered.
There are currently two single occupancy two storey almshouses available.