The Beautiful Game – Kicks the Ball Out of the Park

Love or loathe it, the Beautiful Game (football) as it is known to many and the title of the unique dance comedy show which came to the Kenton theatre this week anyone would enjoy diving into this immersive show.

Opening with the obvious Match of the Day theme tune, the quartet of Laura, Georgie, Hayley and Emily from Next Door Dance kicked of the show with high energy and showed off their passion for the game which continued to the final whistle.  Whether you’re an armchair pundit shouting at the TV, a long suffering supporter of a club that has had its highs and lows, playing the game in your youth or have no understanding of the game particularly the offside rule, you’ll laugh out loud at the rituals, observations, and memories of playing or watching a game.

From the clever dance routines, hilarious miming to the match commentary to the props and the music that accompanied the show, it was a cracker of physical theatre  and observation comedy that kicked the ball out of the park.  We particular loved the referee and linesmen dance to “Things Can Only Get Better” and the magic sponge and water (no spoilers here).

Henley Town Ladies football team enjoyed being spectators for the show, particularly during the life of a goalie scene to the song “All By Myself” with one shouting out “I feel your pain!”

A top-scoring show, don’t nutmeg it!