Photographer Celebrates 40 Years With Exhibition

Local photographer and videographer, Richard Pinches is celebrating his 40 years in photography with an exhibition at the Old Fire Station Gallery which opened on Friday and closes tomorrow (Tuesday 15 February 5pm).

The exhibition charts Richard’s passion for photography starting with his first photo of his sand pit he took with a Cosina SLR  camera he bought from George Bushell’s Henley Photographic on Hart Street (where Cafe Rouge is).  He was 16 at the time and about to start studying photography A Level at King James College.  After gaining a diploma at Berkshire College of Art he went on to a have a prolific career as a commercial photographer, setting up Meadows Farm Studios on the Marlow Road in a barn on his parents’ farm.  Over the years he has worked for Dell, 3M, Xerox and Hoover and many more as you can see in some Richard’s work in the brochures on a table at the back of the gallery which also includes his old work diaries, phones, promotional post cards etc.  There’s also Richard’s collection of old cameras he has collected over the years from a Rolleiflex to an instant Polaroid.

Richard’s latest work which is drawn from very old photographic processing techniques when he started playing with film and chemicals again during the first Covid lockdown in 2020 as his commercial work disappeared.  This lead him to explore furthering his artistic sensibilities and he went on to study a one year Master’s degree course in fine art photography at the university of Hertfordshire in Hatfield.   The large, bold unique artwork on show are many he produced for his Masters course and are the result of burying film in soil and/or destroying it with gun powder which result in spectacular colourful imagery. One visitor described it as “ A stunning and emotional view over Richard’s past, loved the hands on section, very interesting exhibition and well done!”

Mrs Nicholson and Mr Pugh, Richard’s teachers from King James College joined Richard on Friday at a private viewing along with friends and family. Richard said, “It has been a fabulous experience putting on this exhibition. It did take a lot of effort to collate such a large quantity and large variety of images and objects to display but I think  it was appreciated by the visitors. I’ve had  some wonderful comments and I have sold some of my larger works. It was great to see so many old faces, including my teachers from school and  college and even my first boss.  I had friends turn up who I haven’t seen for decades that saw the Herald article, I will do it again but maybe not for another 10 years!”

The exhibition is open until 5pm today and tomorrow from 10.00-5.00pm