Communing With the Campbells – Arriving in the US

This week we visited the LA Ecovillage here in Los Angeles. Due to Covid worries and lack of space it was impossible for us to live within the community so we had to settle for a tour with 85 year old Lois Arkin and an interview. Lois has dedicated her life to environmental activism and community. Her positivity and energy was utterly intoxicating. The LA Ecovillage is a very different model to that of La Ecovilla in Costa Rica. It’s run as a cooperative housing trust and is deliberately created to cater to a lower socio economic demographic. It’s a community that actively promotes environmental activism and there’s a sense of peaceful rebellion in the air as you walk around. The community is built upon permaculture principles and it was incredible to witness what can be achieved in an urban environment from a food production perspective. They endeavour to raise the quality of community life and lower their environmental impacts whilst raising public awareness for more sustainable urban living.

On a personal front we have taken some huge steps in terms of this North American leg of our adventure. We have purchased a motor home!! We’ve been 5 months without a home and there’s something quite reassuring about having a space of our own. Buying a camper made sense because we’re just not completely sure how long this leg will take. The scale of the country and the multitude of different communities alongside the uncertainly of Covid makes firm planning difficult. We were due to leave for San Diego today to start our first community residency but alas we spent last night at the emergency department of an LA hospital with a poorly Kiki. Kiki is our 6 year old. We suspected apendicitis but luckily that was ruled out, however she does have a nasty upper UTI which has knocked her for six. We decided that it was a good idea to stay within the familiar surroundings of the house we have come to call home here in LA.

Our video this week is rather a collection of experiences and thoughts following our first 2 weeks in the USA. A big highlight for us all was our youngest daughter Indie turning 4. We visited Universal studios and I think it’s fair to say it was a smash hit!

Look forward to sharing our experiences with you from San Diego next week and the community of Emerald Village.