Pedestrian Hurt After Roof Tiles Blown Off in the Wind

Update 1326

Thames Valley Police Statement

Because of the danger of further falling tiles, the pavement is closed between Queen Street and Reading Road.
The road itself remains partially open, but we would ask members of the public to avoid travelling unless absolutely essential.
Gillotts Lane is blocked by a large tree down and has brought cables down with it.
GWR have cancelled all train services. Customers should not therefore set out to travel.  They said, “Our teams are working hard to look after customers who have already started their journeys, and once it is safe, they will be clearing debris from lines so that we can try and restart services.  Services are likely to remain suspended or disrupted for the rest of the day, and this will knock on into services tomorrow.”

Reports are coming in of a woman pedestrian being badly hurt by root tiles and debris blown off from a house in Caxton Terrace in Station Road.

Ambulance and police were at the scene at around 1145 this morning.

Storm Eunice is causing problems in other parts of the town with trees blocking roads and power cuts.  Town Council Park Services are currently at the Top Shops car park (top of Greys Road) removing fallen branches from large trees that have fallen on top of a car.

All schools and The Henley College are closed today after a the Met Office gave the area a red warning.

Henley Firefighter, Michael Clarke on Facebook commented, “From us at the fire service! Do not go outside unless you have to, we have been out all morning dealing with emergencies and some serious injuries. STAY INSIDE.”

Councillor David Eggleton has been helping to clear roads and keep people safe today.  He cleared the Reading Road, near Bremont HQ and cordoned off the Reading Road opposite the Christ Church Centre where more roof tiles were blown off.  David’s advice is when walking down pavements keep to the inside as you are less likely to be hit by any debris coming off roofs.  Stay away from cordoned off areas and drive safely and slowly.

Please report any further news on problems that Storm Eunice is causing to