HGV Campaign Blow After County Council Upholds Burford Decision

Oxfordshire County Councillors voted last week to uphold the delegated decision made by Councillor Duncan Enright (Cabinet Member for Travel and Development Strategy) to revoke Burford town’s temporary weight limit.  Henley’s County Councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak along with other OCC Councillors asked OCC’s Scrutiny Committee to review the decision as they believed there were flaws in Councillor Enright’s report.

The decision is a blow to the HGV Henley campaign as it was hoped that Henley would get a 7.5T weight limit like Burford to stop large HGVs cutting through the town.

At the OCC meeting, Councillor Enright said, “It is true that I had formed the opinion that individual weight limits are not the way forward because you have this problem of displacement into neighbouring areas so the area approach within an Oxfordshire-led haulage strategy is the way forward.”

At the Henley Town Council Full Council meeting last week, Stefan said, “This still does not mean that we won’t get a weight limit for Henley and I will continue to pursue the county council officers. The new game in town as far as the county is concerned is area-wide weight limits, for example Henley and a greater lump of the countryside. It’s sad because I think this decision was the wrong direction of travel. We should be having more weight limits and should be improving people’s quality of life in terms of air quality. The other thing I will be pursing in the short term is to try to get measures, such as bollards so that lorries can’t cut corners, to make pedestrians safer (on corner of New Street).”