£3 Ticket Day This Saturday at Regal Picturehouse

The Regal Picturehouse are delighted to announce their inaugural £3 Ticket Day coming this weekend on Saturday 26 February.

Guests will have the chance to sample the wide variety of films always on offer at The Regal Picturehouse, with new releases such as The Duke and Cyrano arriving on Friday 25 February, alongside opportunities to catch up on some of the biggest and most acclaimed releases of the past year ranging from Academy Award-nominated Belfast to Death On The Nile and Picturehouse Entertainment’s own The Souvenir Part II. There’s also a chance to revisit the Beatles’ landmark final performance in Peter Jackson’s digitally restored The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert.

Clare Binns, Picturehouse’s Joint Managing Director, comments: “Saturday 26th February is a chance to celebrate great cinema. At Picturehouse, we believe in the power, the fun, the joy of sharing great films together. After such a tough two years this is a chance to invite you into our fantastic cinemas to sample a range of brilliant films on the big screen, for only £3 a ticket. We curate our film programme with love and passion and want people to come in and celebrate with us on this exciting day for cinema lovers everywhere. Cinema on the big screen is well and truly back in all its diverse glory –  and if you add our mouth-watering food, a brilliant range of wine and beer, plus great coffee and the odd box of popcorn, what’s not to like? See you there!”