Henley Car Club to the Rescue

Talia and Millie owners of Drifters Coffee House in Duke Street, one of Henley’s most individual and sustainable independently owned cafes have joined the Henley Car Club after their own car stopped working.

Talia said, “When our car ‘died’ and we couldn’t afford another. Luckily Henley Car Club came to the rescue! It popped up in Henley at a perfect time. The trouble with owning an old car is that you never know when the next bill is going to hit you. To have that worry taken away is brilliant. No maintenance costs! Joining the car club is saving us lots of money.”

There are now two car club Toyota Yaris cars parked in Market Place near the Old Fire Station gallery and on the Reading Road outside Gibbs & Dandy.  Millie commented, “We live on Gravel Hill and so one of the car club cars is literally just 100 yards away in Market Place at the back of the Town Hall. So using it is incredibly convenient and flexible. You can book it for just an hour if you want to.  And parking close to the centre of the town is a nightmare. So you don’t have to worry about that either.”

The couple use the car several times a month for work, visiting family and friends, shopping and day trips out and about!   Talia added, “We can usually be flexible over booking times but if you do need the car for a fixed weekly/monthly appointment then you can book as far ahead as you want.  We booked the car for 4 days over Christmas. We did book well ahead for that. Apparently, several others had the same idea so we could do with another car in Henley asap.”

On top of all the above positives, the women have the satisfaction of knowing that being a car club member is also a very environmentally friendly thing to do. Millie added, “We try to do all we can to help save the planet.  The Car Club enables us to be car free most of the time and to just use a car when we have to. (Each Car Club car is low emission and eventually replaces 18 individually owned cars).”

For more information go to https://www.co-wheels.org.uk/how-it-works

Interested in Joining? Special Introductory Offer.  Available until the end of April 2022.  Join for just £1 (instead of £25) and get £25 driving credit.  Go to https://www.co-wheels.org.uk/henley   And enter the promo  code  HENLEY25