Scaffolding Hit and Causes Damage to Bagatelle

A piece of scaffolding from a structure that was erected around the Bull on Bell Street and the former Ceramic Tile shop came down early on Tuesday morning and went through the shop window of Bagatelle toys.

It was thought that a large lorry knocked into the structure between 5.30-7.30am.

Bagatelle owners, Victoria and Maryam said, “Luckily there was minimal damage with just one pane of glass broken but this could have been much more serious if it was later in the day when more pedestrians were walking past.  We have removed our hanging sign a while ago because it was being constantly knocked off by passing lorries and again it could have landed on someone and caused an injury.”

Campaigners for a weight limit for Henley are calling for people to write to OCC this week as part of the new draft local transport and communications policy to stop HGVs cutting through the town.  To read more Have Your Say – If You Love Henley Then Please Read This and Act! – Henley Herald  Deadline 16 March.