Fantastic Response for Ukraine Donations

The response for donations for Ukraine has been fantastic at the Henley collection points set up by Councillor David Eggleton this week.

He has already taken over a few van loads of donations over to Marlow where there is a co-ordination point.  Some of the donations are then going on to London and some are going directly to Ukraine with a Ukraine national driver.  All the donations will be distributed to safe places where there is need.

Donations of tinned food, medical supplies, toiletries, torches, first aid, batteries have been dropped off at the 3 collection points – Henley Town Hall, Henley YMCA and Swiss Farm.  These are open Monday to Friday.

David said, “It’s been overwhelming the support.  There’s been a mountain of stuff already.  They are still particularly looking for socks, men’s underpants and men’s heavy-weight, as new, boots. I’ve spoken to a few people who have families in Ukraine.  One lady want to thank everyone who is helping.  It was very emotional when she was talking about her family who were Ukraine.  I thought my role would be just about dropping off stuff but I’m now getting calls from different people wanting to help so I’m co-ordinating with others to get the right things in the right places.”

If you don’t wish to donate items but would rather make a donation, David would advise that you donate to the Red Cross