Have Your Say – Ukraine and Disabled Children in Need

Dear Sir

I am writing to highlight the plight of the parents caring for disabled children in the Ukraine. Children with learning disabilities often have additional medical needs such as epilepsy and diabetes. They need regular medication and can’t survive without it . They have little understanding and find it difficult to express themselves, they like routine in their lives.

Suddenly their routines have gone and who knows when they can return ?Changing the nappy of a baby in an air raid shelter would be difficult and unpleasant  but if they are 10 years old it would result in a loss of dignity.

There are amazing charities who will do all they can to support these families but we must be mindful moving forward that caring for a disabled child is very, very demanding, rewarding and often heartbreaking but it does give you a capacity to empathise.

My disabled son has taught me a great deal about reaching out to others and trying to ‘ walk in their shoes’. If we all show how much we care that is a good start in tackling this humanitarian disaster.

Yours faithfully

Lisa Drage
Deanfield Ave