Headteacher En Pointe With Tutu Challenge

To celebrate Tutu Day (22/02/2022) Friends of Badgemore School challenged the children to raise £222.22 for the school to purchase some new equipment.

If the donation target was met, Headteacher, Mr Hoskins promised to wear a tutu for a day. The children smashed the target so on Friday teachers and teaching assistants joined Mr Hoskins in wearing tutus.  They started the day with a training run with the children for the Henley Youth Festival run around the school grounds.

Mr Hoskins dressed in fairy wings too then flew into each class and showed off his ballet moves during the day.  He said, “We’re delighted to have raised £897 so far which will go towards some tablets.  I’ve had great fun being silly for the day.  Some of the children did some amazing challenges to raise money.”

Pupil Mikey from Year 2 said, “The teachers are very silly.”

Raffi & Callie Barcella swam 22 widths of a pool.  Albert, Ivan and Cody did 222 continuous hops, 22 minutes of silence and made 22 sandcastles.  Eleanor performed a piano and cello concert.  Jolie James ran up and down her Nana’s staircase 22 times.  Luna and Pax did some car washing.  Noah raised some money whilst skiing.