New Beautiful Ceramics at Artistry Gallery This Month

At Artistry Gallery and Picture Framing this month, they have some wonderful new ceramics to buy from ceramicist, Sally Dorrity.

Sally’s vibrant teal and turquoise sculptural bowls and bottles are beautifully made and absolutely stunning to look at. The window is full of them this week along with new paintings by Liz Chaderton .

The beautiful new paintings by Liz Chaderton are of Kingfishers and Grebes which are native to the Thames and can be seen locally if you’re out walking by the river.

Gallery owner, Sarah Pye said, “They say it’s good to learn something new every day and today I learnt that the word halcyon, means Kingfisher in Greek!  One of Liz’s new pieces is of a beautiful pair of kingfishers its called ‘Halcyon Days’ .., I had to ask her what it meant.”

“We’ve had some interesting items in to frame recently, including a jacket painted by an artist that had to be able to be viewed from both sides.  Our in-house framer, Kevin did a wonderful job of hand making a frame to display it beautifully, so that it could be seen from all angles.”

There is also a wonderful collection of new work in from Julie Adlard and Clare Buchta too so there’s always something fresh to see in the gallery. Sarah added, “I feel that Spring is really on its way now, so roll on warmer days 🌞….  So do take a peek should you be walking past the gallery on the Reading Road….”