Communing With The Campbells – Enjoying San Diego & Emerald Village

EVO week 2 Herald – HD 1080p from Anthony Campbell on Vimeo.

We’ve had a beautiful couple of weeks here at Emerald Village Observatory and now feel fully acquainted with our newly christened camper KITT. Named after our girls initials and with a nod to the automobile classic David Hasselhoffs KnightRider! We were parked up in the centre of the community and there really was no avoiding us.

Emerald Village is set in 9 acres and has just 3 full time families living on the land. Alongside the families, who were the original founders of the community, there are a number of long term singletons and couples. The result is that we were able to establish really strong relationships in super quick time.

There were community meals every week, and we really felt like a part of the community. In essence the whole place felt like one large extended family. With that comes all the pleasure and pain of family life. Everyone know everyone else’s business and you are forced to embrace ‘the excruciating joy’ (one of the founders turns of phrase) of communal living.

In terms of our research project into community and communal living Emerald Village could not have been better. It was a real contrast to the larger scale projects we’ve visited so far and all the members were so willing to give their time to be on camera and answer our questions. We conducted over 5 hours of interviews in our last week!

Next up is the co housing community of Stone Curves in Arizona. We’re excited to travel inland and experience the vast expanse of America.

The Campbells