Ken Arlett Becomes New Housing Trust Chair

Councillor Ken Arlett has become the Chair of the Henley & District Housing Trust at their AGM last week.

He takes over from John Hives who has been the Chair for the last 3 years.

Ken has been a Trustee of the Trust twice for a number of years whilst he was a Town Councillor, first from 1991 to 2003 and 2019 to 2021 whilst he was Henley Mayor.

At the AGM Ken said, “Firstly thank you all for voting me in as your new Chairman, I will do my best to follow in the footsteps of previous Chairman that I have known since 1991. I am honoured to take over as Chairman to such a well organised Housing Trust, and thanks should go to your CEO Linda, Housing Manager Karen, Treasurer John Morrow, and of course all the Trustees that give up their valuable time at no cost.

“Last but not least, your former Chairman (that was quick) John Hives. I have only known John for the past 3 years, but what a valuable asset he has been to the Trust, to which he has been your Chairman for the past 10 years. John I know we all thank you for that commitment.”

“I have noticed that John’s professionalism has guided the Trust well at meetings, he never gets flustered and always manages to find a solution to any problem that arises, the £450,000 grant from SODC being a prime example!!! Thankfully John has agreed to stay on as a Trustee, where I am sure I can count on his advice when needed, as I am sure it will be.”

The Trust has 73 homes in and around Henley.  Ken added, “Hopefully knowing a number of our tenants will keep me in good stead.”