Football Fun in the Sun

Year 2 boys and girls from local schools had football fun in the sunshine yesterday at Rupert House School’s Football Festival on their playing fields on the Fairmile.

20 teams took part from Sacred Heart, Rupert House, St Mary’s, Trinity, Danesfield and Whitchurch schools.  It was a six-a-side competition with teams comprising of 3 boys and 3 girls.  Each team played a series of games in a pool before two finals were played for the A & B teams.

Miss Nicholson from Rupert House organised the tournament.  She said, “I’ve never run this before and it has been a challenge.  Thank you to the RGC Academy referees.”

Nick Armitage, Headteacher from Rupert House School said, “You have all played so well.  I hope you have enjoyed this.  It was played in such a lovely spirit as well.  It is always important to learn how to win and loose and you’ve done it with a smile on your face.  It’s great to see so many smiles.  Thank you Year 5 for helping out this afternoon and to Miss Nicholson for organising such an incredible afternoon.  It really is a military operation.  We have a rugby and cricket festival coming up and look forward to seeing some of you again then as well.”

The B team final was won by Whitchurch beating Danesfield and the A team final was won 1-0 to Trinity School over Whitchurch.

The fair play medals went to Trinity B Team.