Swift Group Ask Residents to Inform Them of First Sightings

The Henley Swift Group part of Greener Henley are calling on residents to let them know when and where they see the first sightings of swifts in the town this year.

Swifts are fascinating birds who arrive here from the end of April to early May after flying thousands of miles.

Last year the group installed 10 nest boxes around the town and they have recently installed a new one on a house in Peppard Lane at the end of Berkshire Road.  The group are in discussions with Phyllis Court Club about putting up a box there and they are talking to Reverend Duncan Carter from Trinity Church about having one on his house to see if it is a suitable location. Other suggested places in the town are  The Henley College (Rotherfield site), Parkside and the Town Council storage building in West Street just above the Fire Station.

Richard Zaks has volunteered to make more nesting boxes for the group this year.  The group are looking for volunteers to help install them.

Henley Town Council have agreed to give the group a grant for £350 to cover the cost of 6 nest boxes and 6 call systems.  Diana Barnett said, “The Councillors were enthusiastic about our application and looking forward to seeing more swifts circling our skies.  Here’s hoping!”

The group are looking to arrange some swift walks this year possibly once a month in the early evening.  We will publish the dates in due course.

If you see a swift, please email swiftshenley@gmail.com with date, time and location.