Car Park Charges to Go Up From 4 April

South Oxfordshire District Council have announced that they will be increasing the charges in the car parks they operate in Henley (Greys Road, Kings Road and Southfields (off Greys Road)) and extending the charging period to 8.00am-6.00pm (Monday to Saturday) from Monday 4 April.

The charging period is currently 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Saturday.

The free hour will remain in place in Greys Road and Kings Road.  The price for 2 hours will increase from £1.20 to £1.60 and 3 hours from £1.80 to £2.20.  At Southfields up to 5 hours will increase from £2.40 to £3.00 and up to 8 hours £3.40 to £4.00.

Changes to the car park times and charges were only just changed in June last year.

In a statement from South Oxfordshire, it says, “In past years, motorists in the district have benefited from low parking fees. However, costs are increasing and losses have been sustained for the last two years and, if action isn’t taken, the council’s projections are that losses would continue and grow.

“South Oxfordshire District Council is introducing these changes to help ensure the car parks break even, with the aim of ensuring that car park users cover the cost of the service, rather than the council tax payer.”


  1. The Vole says:

    Gail – We mortals have to pay for the new electric car charging bays in Grey’s Road Car Park. The users of these spaces do not pay for the power they are taking, this is paid for by the council tax payers. What you see there is us subsidising the travel of the rich, who are the only ones able to afford all-electric cars.. One to remember next time HRG tell you how marvellous they are.

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