Council Pays for Henley Society Tree Plaque to be Restored

The Henley Society are delighted with the restoration of their plaque in memory of former member Raymond Youle OBE which was unveiled yesterday afternoon on the landscaped community area on Gravel Hill.  Henley Town Council agreed to pay for the restoration as part of their project to makeover the area.

Raymond Youle was a former Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the The Henley Society.  He was held in high esteem by his member colleagues and in recognition of his valuable service to the Society and town, his colleagues, upon his death, sought and obtained permission from his widow to plant trees and install the plaque in commemoration at one of Raymond’s favourite spots in town where he sat on the bench.

The restoration work was completed by ET Sheppard Stone Masons.  Geoff Luckett, Chair of The Henley Society said, “We are very happy to see the plaque back in all its splendour.  We are thankful to the Council for paying for the restoration.”

Member of The Henley Society, Catherine Notaras added, “None of the members were aware of this plaque until I was walking past and saw it all covered with debris. I asked the Council about it and they said that the area was to be renovated and they offered to pay for the cleaning of the plaque. We tried to find out more about Raymond Youle without success.   Somebody from this area must know more about Raymond.  If so we’d love them to get in touch. It’s great to put another little marker on the history of the town.”

A new history information board will also be shortly installed by the Town Council in this area to explain the rare pudding stone (a stone consisting of very rounded flint pebbles, with sand filling the gaps and held together with a quartz cement) which were formed in the Ice Age (65-95 million years ago) that can be found there.