Sold Out Concert for Ukraine Now Available Via Livestream for Donations

The Concert for Ukraine on Thursday 31 March organised by local singer-songwriter, Purdy has sold out and will now also be live streamed.

Purdy along with five other top musical acts Nick Heyward, Carol Decker, Jesse Smith, Jazz Morley and James Carrington will be performing along with traditional Ukrainian dancers, who recently appeared on BBC’s The One Show.

The Kenton have provided the venue for free and ticket sales have already raised close to £7.000. To bring the concert to as wide an audience as possible, and to raise the maximum amount of money, Purdy is now live streaming the concert so that anyone can enjoy this special night of music, peace and solidarity.

She’s asking all who watch the concert online to donate to a JustGiving site, with all proceeds – together with 100% of the ticket sales – going to the Disaster Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  An anonymous donor has pledged to give another £2000 to the cause.

The show will be opened by Stefan Bomok, a representative from the Reading Ukrainian Community Centre who are a much-loved focal point for the area’s Ukrainian community and have provided incredible support during the crisis.

Purdy, who has appeared in hit Netflix TV Show, ‘The Crown’ and who grew up in Oxfordshire, said:  “To see people suffering through no fault of their own is heart breaking. If it was happening to my loved ones and countrymen, I would hope that the rest of the world would reach out to us too. We live in an affluent country which offers us safety and security so I think we have a duty to help where we can. The best way I know how is through music. I think it’s going to be a very special evening with these amazing artists all under one roof and I hope the people will want to join us in solidarity, both in person and online”.

Henley-based creative agency, The Creative Duck, have volunteered to help Purdy organise the event. Co-founder, Sarah Gilbert, said: “When Purdy asked if we could help her promote the event, naturally we said yes. Henley has already implemented some wonderful fundraising initiatives for Ukraine, including Cook For Ukraine and Music For Ukraine, so it’s been a privilege to help continue this momentum.”

You can watch the live stream on Thursday 31 March, from 7.15pm, show starts at 7.30pm.

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