Accident at Reading Road/Station Road Traffic Lights

An elderly gentleman driving a silver Toyota Rav 4 hit another vehicle at the traffic lights on the junction of Reading Road and Station Road going towards Henley at around 10am this morning (Friday).

A witness said, “It appears that the elderly man went straight into the back of one car waiting at the lights going towards Henley and that caused it to push into two others both driven by ladies. The elderly man was hurt and holding his head.”

Ann Manning from ManningUK and members of her staff helped direct the traffic for over an hour and called the emergency services.  Ann said, “After we waited more than an hour for an ambulance the lady from the dry cleaners took the gentleman to Townlands with his wife who had now arrived on the scene. A lady in one of the other cars hurt her arm and was sat on the pavement until her husband arrived. All were badly shaken.”

The road was blocked by the three cars.  Ann added, “We kept the traffic moving but the abuse from a few of the drivers was just unbelievable with shouting and swearing that they had been kept waiting no more than 10 minutes maximum. Fortunately most of the drivers were very grateful and said thank you for helping. We called the police again and they arrived 1 hour and 15 minutes later!”