8,000 Trees Planted This Season

Greener Henley, in collaboration with local businesses and the Hambleden wildlife group, have planted 3300 trees and 4700 hedge plants so far this season!

Patrick Fleming from Greener Henley said, “We wanted to share this good news with you and also say a big thank you to everyone who has given up their time to help with this – we are well on our way to our planting goal for 2022. Our Free Garden Trees offer has been a great success so far this year, with over 600 trees distributed and requests for 300 more still to fulfil. We do still have stock of most garden trees, so please spread the word to local friends and family.”

For 2022 Greener Henley have a flexible planting goal of 10,000 trees and hedge plants, with an ultimate goal of 50,000 per year. Last year they planted a total of over 5,000, including 750 garden trees, so the numbers so far this year are going in the right direction!

There are still a few smaller planting projects taking place this month – would you like to help? They will then move on to maintenance sessions in and around Henley in April and May. There are plenty of opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved – Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Guides & other groups are all welcome!

If you would like to request garden trees please complete the form.

If you’d like to join one or more planting sessions just drop an email to greenerhenley@gmail.com or contact Patrick on 07733026906.


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