Menswear Shop Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 10 years on the high street for any independent shop these days is a huge milestone, having survived the pandemic lockdowns over the last 2 years.  Laurence Menswear on Duke Street were delighted to celebrate their 10th anniversary on Friday.

Laurence Morris, owner of Laurence Menswear has worked in the clothing trade for over 30 years. Initially exporting all over the world and dealing with some of the largest retailers, including the likes of Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Brooks Brothers before moving on to design and produce promotional collections for companies such as Aston Martin Racing and BP Ford Rally before opening the shop in April 2012.

The shop on Duke Street sells a complete range of menswear from shirts to shoes to suit all occasions and budgets.  Laurence Menswear stocks brands such as Loake shoes, Brax, Roy Robson and the well-known brightly coloured designed Claudio Lugli shirts.  New for this year is a range from Fil Noir.

Laurence said, “I’m delighted to have reached the milestone of 10 years and I think it’s a great achievement for any shop on the high street to have lasted this long.  I’m pleased to have been able to clothe the men of Henley for as long as I have. I think when I started 10 years, it was more of a traditional menswear shop and over the years we have got a lot more casual and learnt what the customers want and so I’ve adapted with regard to the buying and introduced new independent brands so it’s been exciting.  The high street is very tough; you can’t hide that fact having gone through the last 2 years with the closures. It is really really difficult for independent shops which is why it is important that people support local.  Without the local people supporting me I wouldn’t be here.  I would love to say thank you to all my customers and all my staff who have worked here over the years (including Saturday help).  Everyone has contributed.  We’ve had a great time during Regatta, Festivals and I’ve raised and donated over £10,000 to local charities over the years.”

Laurence Menswear is offering a £10 for 10 years birthday offer when you spend over £30.  Offer ends 30 April.