Covid-19 Vaccinations Start all for 5-11 year olds

All children aged 5 – 11 are now able to get a vaccination against COVID-19.

The Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation has advised that 5 -11 year olds are offered paediatric (child) doses of the vaccine, which has been approved by the UK’s medicines regulator, to boost immunity and increase their protection against any future waves of COVID-19.

Children aged 5-11 with no other underlying health conditions will be offered two paediatric doses of the vaccine, at least 12 weeks apart.

The NHS wants to support families to make an informed choice and there is a comprehensive information leaflet available on the Government website.

Parents and guardians can go online 

There will be vaccination clinics available in Henley.

Dr Ed Capo-Bianco, South Oxfordshire GP and Locality Clinical Director at Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “The COVID-19 vaccine is already making a big difference to help protect us all. The vaccine does not remove the virus, but research and experience in countries around the world shows it can prevent the worst effects of COVID-19 and reduce the risk of infection to your child and those around them.”

If a child has had COVID-19 they will still get extra protection from the vaccine, but they will need to wait 12 weeks before getting vaccinated.

If parents or guardians do not know the child’s NHS number they can get it:

  • by checking the child’s personal health record (the red book given to the family when the child was born)
  • by checking any NHS letters, prescriptions or test results received for the child
  • by going to the NHS.UK website
  • by asking your GP practice to help you

Those 5-11 year olds who are more at risk from the virus can already get two paediatric doses, eight weeks apart, and their GP or hospital specialist should be in touch to arrange this.