Amended Proposals for New Vintage Boat Collection Riverside Home

Amended proposals have been submitted by Adam Toop for the development of the old Hobbs boatyard on the Wargrave Road into a new home for the Rose Toop vintage boat collection this week.

The original plans were refused by Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) in December last year.

The site was acquired by Adam Toop from Hobbs of Henley in October 2020.  He plans to make a substantial investment to redevelop the site which would see the unattractive agricultural barns converted into a glass fronted, wooden clad building that would display this beautiful and significant collection of vintage boats and associated artefacts.

Adam said, “The amended proposals, fully respond to all the stated reasons for refusal and reflecting the planning officer’s requirements.  A headline summary of the key amendments include:

  • The riverside elevation retains the same size and proportions, in keeping with the height and scale of existing buildings on either side, but proposes a reduction in the amount of glazing and a commensurate increase in the amount of timber cladding.
  • Workshop extension floor plans and elevations now more clearly illustrate the provision of floodable openings and finished floor levels. The workshop extension would marginally increase the footprint of development on the site.  The total footprint of buildings would however still be reduced relative to the footprint of buildings that existed before the fire in 2004.
  • A revised Flood Risk Assessment confirms that the proposed development (when taken as a whole and including the new moorings and cutting) would tangibly increase the flood storage capacity of the site and therefore reduce flood risk elsewhere.
  • A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal and proposed Planting Intent report confirms the revised scheme would result in a significant improvement from a habitat and biodiversity perspective.  In addition to new hedgerow and tree planting, we have proposed a lowered revetment behind the proposed moorings where new wetland planting would be undertaken.

“While the circumstances surrounding the refusal of our planning application in January were extremely disappointing, it was truly humbling to receive so many kind calls, letters and emails of support.  I owe a debt of gratitude to so many.”

Adam hopes that the revised plans and accompanying reports will enable the Council’s objections to be removed.  Adam added, “Given the significant level of support and local interest there was in the original application (120+ letters of support and no objections) it is also my sincere hope that Councillor’s will be willing to ‘call-in’ the application for Committee consideration by elected Members just in case the planning officer is still minded to object to the scheme and looks again to refuse the application under delegated authority.”

The original letters of support on the first application are not retained or carried forward to this planning application so Adam would appreciate further letters of support under the new application number 220987 that may be found at the following link

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