Scoop Honoured in the Naming of New Media Centre at Rugby Club

Noel Armstead (lovingly known as Scoop) former President, long time supporter and match reporter for Henley Rugby Club who sadly passed away in November 2018 was honoured with the naming of the new media centre at Dry Leas on Saturday before the game against Barnstaple.

Noel wrote the match reports both home and away for over 30 years.  Noel’s sons Tim and Paul were joined by Tim’s wife Caroline and Noel’s dear friend Moni Lewis for lunch in the clubhouse before the unveiling.

Tim Armstead said, “We’re immensely proud and he would be immensely proud for the Club to honour him in this way.”

Chris Nixon, Chair of Henley Rugby Club said, “Noel was the first person I met when I joined the club a few years and he made we feel so welcome.  I thought he was a lovely guy and I had so much time for him.  He was one of the great’s of this club.  Everyone loved him. He had his own way and his personality at times was controversial.  He had his own views but he was passionate about rugby and how the team were playing.  He was critical of both players and referees and he had a strong opinion on every game of rugby and he didn’t hold back.  He went to many of the home games with me driving him or on the coach together.  He was determined at the latter stage of his life to go to as many games as he could.”