June & Her Knitting Circle Get Stitching for Ukraine

June Grindley who loves to knit and is part of a knitting circle of ladies who knit and crochet things for charity have made two large bags of  baby blankets, children’s hats, jumpers, cardigans and toy unicorn to go to Ukraine.  June contacted David Eggleton who is coordinating donations in Henley collected them from her home.

June said, “My circumstances changed 10 years ago after we sold our house in Hambleden and I lost my husband and vowed I would do work for charities.  Ukraine is more than ever in need.  The knitting circle started 7 years ago when a friend asked if we could knit some things for Christmas shoe boxes to go to overseas children.  We kept knitting after that and we’ve donated to all different charities including the Leukemia charity which used to have a stall in Market Place.”

David Eggleton is liaising and co-ordinating the donations to ensure that the things get to the right places and right people in Ukraine.  June added, “I sat the other night and thought what would I grab first if I was in that situation.  I don’t always watch the news as it makes me cry.  They’ve done nothing.  It breaks my heart and anything we can do to help now that’s what we will be doing. There’s a lot of children there on their own and the jumpers, hats etc will keep them warm as its cold there.  I just wanted to do all I can.  I pray for Ukraine people every night but I can’t see it ending just now.”

June has knitted most of her life; her Mum was very clever at knitting and crocheting.  June who has lost both her legs commented, “With losing my legs you have to still think you’re useful and can do things.  I am still helping and it’s a wonderful feeling and it keeps me positive.”

Prior to the pandemic, June also used to organise a Cancer McMillan coffee morning at Bowling Court and she hopes to organise another one again soon.