Communing with the Campbells – Easter Break with Family

10 Day Easter Break Henley Herald from Anthony Campbell on Vimeo.

Since leaving the UK at the beginning of October we have been intensively studying, researching, filming all aspects of community life that we’ve encountered. It’s been wonderful and enlightening but also exhausting. The constant travel, the figuring out where next, the worries about finances. The list could go on. The thing we’ve missed most is family and friends. So it’s been wonderful to have an Easter break from ‘communing’ and spend time in the company of my sister and her family.
My sister lives in the Cayman Islands and flew out to meet us in the USA. We spent 5 days in the Ski resort of Mammoth mountain and 5 days in Yoesemite National Park. We love the mountains and are committed to doing everything we can to pass on that love to our kids. So watching the kids take to the mountain with such aplomb was a pleasure. As for Yosemite it’s always been on our bucket list and it didn’t let us down.
To switch off from our project and relax in the company of family who know and love us was hugely beneficial. It’s felt like a reset and we now feel energised and ready for the final leg of this North American journey before heading across to Europe.
We head to San Fransisco where we are visiting no less than 3 Cohousing communities. From there we head to a Cohousing community in Chico before making our way up to Oregan.
Look forward to sharing more insights with you next week.
The Campbells