What is Art? Owner of Artistry Gallery Asks

Artistry Gallery and Picture Framing has lots to offer this month. New ceramics have just arrived, jewellery and new paintings, all just beautiful in their own right.

Kevin their framer is getting a reputation for framing really big art work and really ‘interesting ‘ subjects too, e.g. collages of peoples family memories, all suspended in a hand made/painted box frame.  Owner Sarah Pye said, “Kevin framed a Grandad’s medals and a wonderful photo of him in uniform.  What a lovely way to keep memories alive and a picture that one of your children has created that seems to represent perfect, honest, simplicity in an otherwise complicated world.

Sarah asks this month “What’s your idea of a work of art? I was at a show the other day and saw the gilded skulls of crows within a glass dome.”

Is this Art ? 🤔 I believe that Art is what you want it to be .  Whether it’s the gilded skull of a crow, an oil painting of a vase of flowers, a beautifully crafted ceramic pot or an explosive concoction of abstract colour . If it makes you feel something and evokes an emotion (or not) then it can be art.

We all have different views on this debatable subject and that’s what makes it so interesting. For me Art needs to make me smile . It needs to be uplifting and positive. The world is full of controversy, war and political wrangling , but it’s also full of trees and blossom ,sunshine ,sea and flowers and this is what I choose to fill my senses with ……..I want art to lift me.

Artistry Gallery is almost undoubtedly a reflection of my desires, so prepare to be uplifted and leave with a smile on your face, regardless of whether you’ve made a purchase or just enjoyed looking.”