Graffiti on Bridge Could Still Be There For Regatta

The unsightly H graffiti tag that was sprayed on Henley bridge next to Regatta HQ on 1 May could still be there for Henley Royal Regatta as it is only 6 weeks away.

The Herald asked Oxfordshire County Council who own the bridge what was being done about getting the graffiti removed after nearly 3 weeks and we received the following response today.

“Oxfordshire County Council has been made aware of this act of antisocial and criminal behaviour and will seek to remove the graffiti as soon as possible. The work will require listed building consent and we have approached graffiti removal companies to carry out this work. Unfortunately the porous nature of the limestone construction of this Grade I listed structure may mean that the damage cannot be easily reversed. It is not possible to give a timescale at this stage. The council would encourage anybody with information on those responsible for causing the damage to report this to Thames Valley Police.”

When the tag was first published on Facebook group Henley Past & Present many thought it was same work of the well known graffiti artist who sprayed over ‘Give Peas a Chance’ on the M25 bridge and a bridge near Windsor.

Other graffiti tags around Henley have been removed from roadside telephone exchange cabinets at Waterman’s allotments and at the Top Shops on Greys Road by a group of volunteers.