Blooming Transformational Garden at Sacred Heart School

An unloved piece of ground at Sacred Heart School on Greys Hill has been completely transformed into a superb flower and vegetable garden thanks to a kind donations from local businesses and charities.

Donations to kick start the project were used to purchase wood to create raised flower and vegetable beds and new fencing.  Already the beds are planted out with an amazing range of vegetables, herbs and flowers including courgettes, radishes, rainbow carrots, peas, lettuce and Marigolds.

Deputy Headteacher Nicola Edwards who headed up the project said, “I’ve been wanting to create this type of garden for a long time and thanks to Victoria and the other volunteer parents who have got this project off the ground.  The long term goal for the garden is for it to become ‘farm to fork’ and get the school kitchen to use the produce grown in school lunches.  When planning what we grow, we need to take into account that the harvest of the produce would need to be before we break up for the summer holidays.”

Parent, Victoria Dingle who runs the Thursday lunchtime gardening club with Mums Liz and Age said, “We are so thankful for the donations which really made the project happen with money for the big materials.  Dads then volunteered in the Easter holidays to help build the beds and the fencing.  The children are so excited to see how things grow, for example they had no idea how a courgette grew off the flower. The garden is also being used during the week for science and art lessons and an area where the children can have a time out.  Gardening is all inclusive and it’s a great way for the children to get their hands dirty and really understand where their food comes from.”

Kerry Smith from KJ Solicitors who donated £800 said, “It’s very important for the children to have the opportunity to grow vegetables and see flowers grow.  Maybe they don’t get the opportunity in their own gardens to do that.  And also to do something outside of the school curriculum which is a lovely activity for them to do together.”

Pupil Samuel who is a regular at the gardening club said, “I really love coming and helping and I’m hoping we can grow some vanilla to put in some cooking.”